Hello lovelies!

My name is Elke Arnesen, and welcome to my world of light.

That's "L-key" by the way.

The Background

I have been drawing portraits since I was six years old, primarily learning through the feedback from my mom.

Portraiture was once an obsession with ideals for me, drawing stunning humans that seemed to hold qualities I do not possess. Talent, social status, physical beauty.

I drew what I wanted.

So as my self image improved (a longgg and ongoing process), I found my subject matter in my portraits changing naturally. 

I started putting honest life into these people I was freezing in time.

The Pivot

It wasn’t until one day that I was able to apply this radical shift to a self portrait. Coming out of the shower, I had a positive immediate reaction to the reflection of my body for the first time in my life. I took four photos, later realizing how pivotal they were.


And The Now

Through my art, I hope to tap into that light and capture moments of power, of softness, and of illumination.

 All the love,

E ♡